54 Little Ryrie St,
Geelong, Vic, 3220
Phone: 1300 558 933

Service & Solutions

Geelong Fire Service works with our customers to provide the right solution for their needs. Proactive, Integrity, Solutions are all part of a Quality Management system that Geelong Fire Services has adopted. This model is shown below, which explains the Geelong Fire Services Difference.

Geelong Fire Services supports this model by;

  • Ensuring we have highly skilled personnel at hand to meet our client expectations
  • Victorian Wide Services as we have key personnel located though out Victoria.
  • Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with the required equipment, tools, and spare parts to minimise customer downtime
  • Deliver a 24 hr all-year-round service centre to meet our clients out-of-hours requirements
  • Comprehensive Computer-Aided service tracking system, to maintain quality, on-time service to our clients.


Maintain our clients systems in accordance to Australian Standards and alert any problems for rectification to ensure a managed system.


Be honest with our clients with what is required by law and to become a integral member of there community.


Strive to provide the best possible solution to our clients that will remain cost effective, time effective and patronage effective.