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Fire Doors and Frames and Passive Systems

Passive fire protection systems and fire doors are a cost effective approach to limit the spread of fire and smoke within a building or facility. These systems are typically used in conjunction with a detection and protection systems to achieve a suitably comprehensive life safety system.

The purpose of fire doors include:

  • Protect property by limiting damage in case of fire.
  • Make a building safer to occupy.
  • Close an opening in a fire wall.

In order to limit damage caused by fire, all fire doors should be actuated by smoke detectors or building alarm systems.

Passive Systems, are used wherever services such as pipes, ducts or cables penetrate a fire rated barrier (walls, floors or ceilings). In these situations, the service must be sealed in such a manner that the fire resistance level or rating of the element of construction is maintained. Passive products and systems are used to close off gaps in floors and walls between services, around cables and pipes, around ducts and in control joints.

Geelong Fire Services provides a full range of fire doors and passive systems, supported by design and maintenance services.