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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Equipment is very important within a workplace or building. When in use they can protect building assets and most importantly, lives. GFS can assist your company stay in control...

Portable fire extinguishers must be installed in all workplaces regardless of whether other fire protection measures are present. As an early response to a developing fire, the successful performance of a fire extinguisher depends on appropriate placement and proper maintenance.

There are different types of extinguishers, each designed to extinguish a specific class of fire. They are selected according to the potential fire hazard, the construction and occupancy of the building. A picture labeling system (pictogram) to designate which class of fire they can be used on.

Geelong Fire Services installs, sells, tests and services fire extinguishers for all classes of fire (see below). In addition to maintaining an extensive inventory of new extinguishers, our highly trained technicians inspect, certify, and repair them in strict accordance with all codes and standards.

Extinguisher Types,

Class A - Ordinary Combustible Solids

Wood, Paper, Cloth, Plastics, Rubber, Coal, Carbon compounds, etc.

Class B - Flammable & Combustible Liquids

Petrol, Oil, Paint, Thinners, Kerosene, Alcohol, etc.

Class C - Flammable Gases

L.P.G., Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Natural gas and Methane, etc.

Class D - Combustible Metals

Magnesium, Aluminum, Sodium or Potassium, etc.

Class E - Electrical Fires

Computers, Switchboards, Power-boards, etc.

Class F - Cooking Oils and Fats

Cooking oils and fats usually found in industrial kitchens, etc.