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Training Facility

Training your staff and conducting regular fire drill within you premises, as well as being an OH&S requirement, will also ensure that your personnel are ready to deal with any workplace emergency promptly and safely.

Geelong Fire Services can now provide Fire extinguisher, Evacuation and Warden training at your site, using the latest training aids on the market. This ensures your staff are more familiar with the processes and equipment in their own work environment, and causes less interruption to the work day. The training will give your personnel the skills required to use fire extinguishers and fire equipment on small workplace fires. This training course uses a combination of both practical and theory training in how to safely operate fire equipment, and how to safely extinguish workplace fires.

Our mobile fire trailer comes complete with Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems, as well as a Portable Fire Simulator, that can be used for countless training exercises to suit your needs. The training equipment is certified by Energy Safe Victoria, which ensures we can provide fire training at your workplace safely, and in an environmentally friendly and mess free manner. It’s like having a Fire Station in your own back yard to teach your staff how to deal with an emergency.

For more information contact us on: info@geelongfire.com.au